A transformer is a passive electrical device that transfers electrical energy from one electrical circuit to one or more circuits. A varying current in any one coil of the transformer produces a varying magnetic flux, which, in turn, induces a varying electromotive force across any other coils wound around the same core.

Core Type and Shell Type Transformers

Depending on the type of construction used, the transformers are classified into two categories. Core type Transformer Shell type Transformer Difference between Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer Core Type Transformer In

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Basic Types of Switchgear Components

Before learning about different switchgear components, let us understand what is switchgear. The apparatus used for switching, controlling and protecting the electrical circuits and equipment is known as switchgear. Switchgears are

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Basic Types of Current Transformers

Current Transformers (CT’s) are instrument transformers that are used to supply a reduced value of current to meters, protective relays, and other instruments. Current Transformers provide isolation from the high voltage

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