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Electrical Machines Latest Posts

Electrical Machines

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Top Educational Resources and Software for Understanding Electrical Machines

Generator Reactors

Current Limiting Reactor or Series Reactor

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Why did Cars Switch from DC Generators to Alternators

Critical field resistance

Critical Field Resistance of DC Shunt Generators

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Beginner’s Guide to Separately Excited DC Generator

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Transformer testing at factory

Percentage Reactance in Power System (Transformer, Generator or Reactor)


Transformer Windings: Types and Design

Electrical Machines Courses

Electrical Machines

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Electrical Machines for Undergraduates

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Electrical Machines for Undergraduates

Electrical machines for undergraduates is a complete course to start learning electrical machines. This course covers all electrical machines such as Transformers, DC machines, Induction…

Electrical Machines Solved Problems

Electrical Machines

Problems and solutions on Electrical Machines.

Generator on Load

DC Generator Problems and Solution: EMF Equation of DC Generator

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6 DC Generator Problems with Solution – Types of DC Generator