5 DC Generator Problems with Solution – Part 1

1. A shunt generator delivers 450 A at 230 V and the resistance of the shunt field and armature are 50 Ω and 0.03 Ω respectively. Calculate the generated e.m.f?

The Generator Circuit is as shown in the figure,

2. A four pole generator having wave-wound armature winding has 51 slots, each slot containing 20 conductors. What will be the voltage generated in the machine when driven at 1500 rpm assuming the flux per pole to be 7.0 mWb ?

For a simplex wave wound generator,

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  1. In dc generator wave wound:- Number of poles is not is equal to number of parallel path.
    Always A=2
    In lap wound A=mP. Where,
    (A=no. of parallel path)
    (m=no. of winding)
    (P=no. of poles)
    I think it may be right…..

  2. Deduce the internal characteristics from the external characteristics and estimate the full load voltage drop due to armature reaction

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