Common Electrical Problems in Commercial Buildings

Electricity is one of the most common energy sources used in commercial buildings. It’s used to run big machines, lighting, heating and cooling systems, computers, and other equipment, keeping crucial processes running efficiently and safely. It’s crucial to ensure the electrical system in your commercial building is correctly installed and fully functioning to keep your business operating smoothly.

However, the complex electrical systems in commercial properties often increase the risk of electrical errors and problems. If not given proper attention, these electrical problems can hinder your operations or cause a fire in the building. It’s vital that you find an affordable electrician in Ryde who is licensed and experienced to perform regular checks on your commercial building’s electrical system to keep it operating properly.

Here are a few common electrical problems prevalent in commercial properties that require the expertise of a qualified electrician:

  1. Tripping Circuit Breakers

Frequently tripping breakers is one of the most common electrical problems you’re likely to experience in your commercial building. This problem can be caused by short circuits, ground faults, and circuit overloads. A short circuit usually occurs when the neutral and live wires come into contact, causing more current to flow through the circuit. If the current rises past the desired levels, it generates a lot of heat, causing the breaker to trip and cut off power from the main supply.

Circuit overloads can cause your circuit breaker to trip when you drain more electricity than a particular line is designed to provide. This often happens when you have high-wattage appliances or heavy machinery plugged in simultaneously, drawing more electricity than the circuit breaker can sustain, causing it to trip.

Faulty ground occurs when the hot and live wires come into contact with the earth system. The excess current that should be conducted away through the earth system is fed back into the circuit. As a result, more electricity flows through the circuit, causing the breaker to trip. Not fixing this issue can lead to an electrical fire hazard within your commercial property. It’s always advisable to have the issue checked and fixed by a professional electrician as soon as your circuit breakers start tripping.

  1. Dimming or Flickering Lights

Flickering or dimming lights is another most common electrical issue in commercial buildings. This problem can be caused by faulty bulbs, which you can fix inexpensively and easily by replacing with new ones. The issue can also result from poor connections, which can cause a fire within the building if not repaired in time. Waiting too long to fix this electrical problem can also damage your entire electrical system, leading to more costly repairs.

It’s crucial that you have your entire building assessed by a professional technician to identify the cause of this problem and repair it in time. This can help ensure the problem is remedied correctly and inexpensively while also preventing more serious damages to your electrical systems and the risk of fire hazards.

  1. Faulty Connections

Faulty wiring connections is a problem often used to refer to inadequately maintained, outdated, damaged, and poorly installed electrical wiring systems. Common signs of faulty connections in commercial buildings include frequently breaking fuses and flickering and dimming lights. Faulty connections can occur after performing a major repair or renovation in your commercial building or outdated wiring. Loose connections can easily lead to overheating and arcing, causing injuries and fires.

The problem can also be caused by hiring an unprofessional or inexperienced electrician to install or repair your electrical wiring systems. This is a common problem, since most people want to minimize operation costs or beat the set deadlines. However, you may end up with poorly installed electrical systems and many other electrical issues. You can avoid this electrical problem by hiring a certified electrician to assess your entire building, tighten loose connections and reinstall new wires.

  1. Dead Outlets and old wiring

Old wiring and dead outlets are common electrical problems, especially in old commercial buildings. While old outlets don’t directly endanger your building’s occupants, they can greatly affect their overall productivity. For instance, if some of the socket outlets in your commercial building aren’t working, the occupants need to find ways to plug in their appliances in the available sockets, which can lead to regular tripping of your circuit breakers. They can also choose only to run a few appliances at a time, reducing their productivity at work.

Old wiring is an electrical problem that you’re likely to face in your commercial building due to the tear and wear of wires after years of use. Old wiring systems can cause electrical problems in your building, such as potential fire hazards and regular repairs. Give your wiring system a complete overhaul if you have shocking socket outlets or a burning smell coming from your electrical system.


There are many electrical problems you’re likely to experience within your commercial building. If left unattended, these problems can severely disrupt the day-to-day operations of businesses in the building, affect the user’s overall productivity, and even cause electrical safety issues. It’s important to have your commercial building’s electrical system routinely inspected by a licensed electrician to ensure the safety of the occupants and the smooth operation of businesses.

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