Phased Array Transducer: Applications and Advantages

If you are looking for an ultrasonic testing method that is fast, more accurate, and versatile, then you need to embrace phased array technology.  Although using a phased array transducer might sound like a complicated testing method, it really isn’t.  It is a form of ultrasonic testing that involves the use of multiple transducers instead of just one, for quality checking.

What a phased array transducer is and how it is used during measurement.  Advantages and important applications of phased array transducers are what you are bound to learn when you keep reading this writeup.  Let’s get started, shall we?

What is a phased array transducer?

 A phased array transducer is a probe that contains several small elements in the same casing.  These elements are arranged in a specific order and they direct sound waves in particular directions when in use.

To test material using the phased array transducer, simply place the probe on the test surface without moving it.  The probe is focused and moved electronically, covering a large volume of material in one single test.  Phased array transducers are connected to a screen that gives the test results and data.

So, how does the phased array method differ from traditional ultrasonic testing?  First of all, traditional probes have single element transducers meaning they emit sound waves in one fixed direction.  The other difference is that during measurement, the probe has to be moved physically around the material in order to do a scan.

Applications of the phased array transducer

Because of their speed, high accuracy levels, and ability to detect material defects, phased array transducers have actively been working hand in hand with other ultrasonic testing instruments.  This means phased array transducers can be used in any industry where wall thickness and flaw detection tests are frequently carried out.  The applications that use phased array transducers are;

 Weld inspection.  Defects and discontinuities can easily be detected using a phased array transducer.  Monitoring of weld works is important in the construction and pipeline industries.  It helps ensure building materials, for example, are fit for use for their intended purpose.

Measurement of wall thickness.  The importance of wall depth measurements for industries cannot be stressed enough. Wall thickness measurements are used in manufacturing and automotive industries to check the quality of materials and for price determination purposes, it also can be processed by ultrasonic thickness gauge.

In addition to this, the petroleum industry makes use of phased array measurements to ensure pipelines and storage tanks are free of cracks or holes.

Corrosion monitoring.  The maritime industry benefits greatly from phased array technology.  Phased array transducers are used for checking material degradation through rust in an accurate and efficient manner.

Moreover, the data results can be used to inspect material wear and tear and decisions can be made to increase their lifespan and to prevent accidents.

Advantages of the phased array transducer

Phased array transducers pack a wealth of benefits to the user as compared to traditional ultrasonic testing methods.  And features such as the numerous elements in the transducer unapologetically help to increase these incredible abilities.  Here are some of the advantages of using phased array transducers;

·         High-speed operation giving numerous analysis data within a short time period.

·         Great accuracy in flaw detection due to the big number of transducers

·         Scans material quality from a stationary position.  Does not require the operator to move the transducer around the test object.

·         Can check the quality of the outer layer and the inside part of a material

·         Measures both thin and thick layers of material with the same efficiency.


In conclusion, phased array transducers have numerous applications across different important industries.  Apart from their versatile use, they are also fast and accurate and they can give hundreds of results within minutes.

The principle of operation for a phased array transducer is simply by using a larger number of elements in one transducer and activating each element to do ultrasonic testing at specified intervals thus covering a wide area of inspection.

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