Transformer Oil Testing : Video Training

transformer oil testing

Transformer oil testing is just like a blood test in the human body. A blood test provides a doctor with a wealth of information about the health of a patient. A sample of transformer oil, taken correctly, can tell service engineers a great deal about the condition of a transformer.

Oil is used both to cool the transformer and to insulate internal components. Because it bathes every internal component, the oil contains a great deal of diagnostic information. So a laboratory analysis of a sample can provide advance warning of developing conditions such as tap-changer arcing.

The oil tests can uncover several potential problems within a transformer. The same sample can contain evidence of soluble contaminants, dielectric contaminants, and acid materials present in the oil.

With so much riding on transformer maintenance, it’s important to conduct and complete all of the recommended tests.

This is a video training series on transformer oil testing or testing done by TxMonitor.

Transformer Oil Testing – Part 1: Introduction

As always, safety first. We start our Transformer Oil Testing series with a number of highlights on health, environmental and safety considerations when performing these tasks.

Please, these are only guidelines and do not replace adequate competency and skills. Always follow the relevant company and legislative requirements for your particular work context.

Transformer Oil Testing- Part 2: Bottle Sample

There are some testing techniques better suited for certain types of oil tests than others. 

The techniques described in this video should be sufficient to sample oil when common chemical and physical properties are analyzed, such as Breakdown Voltage, Interfacial Tension, Acidity (or Neutralization Number), Colour and Visual Inspection.

Transformer Oil Testing – Part 3: Glass Syringe

A testing technique proven to produce repeatable results when testing the Dissolved Gas content or Moisture (Water) Content in the oil is by testing with a Glass Syringe.

In this video, we’ll learn how to execute this technique.

Transformer Oil Testing – Part 4: The Buchholz Relay

In this video, the fourth and final of the Transformer Oil testing series, you’ll learn how to extract a gas and oil sample from a Buchholz gas accumulation relay through a testing device.

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